Iannone guilty of dangerous riding? Lorenzo was a victim!

Iannone guilty of dangerous riding? Lorenzo was a victim!

Iannone guilty of dangerous riding? Lorenzo was a victim!

Mistake or race incident happened yesterday at the Grand Prix of Catalunya, the Ducati rider Andrea Iannone concluded the seventeenth lap due to a fall in which also involved the innocent Jorge Lorenzo.

The Ducati rider has buffered the Mallorcan, both ended up on the ground and ended the race for both. Iannone was justified speaking telemetry, but Lorenzo was not at all agree. Iannone was penalized and the next Grand Prix of the Netherlands will be forced to start from the last position on the grid.

After the crash, Lorenzo was visibly angry, not wanting to hear what Iannone had to say. Not unusual right following a crash, but it was especially hard for Lorenzo to take the “divine” approach after Iannone’s response.

“About the race, it’s unbelievable that Iannone made this mistake again and when he did, instead of saying “sorry” he asked me if I had an engine failure or something strange happening in this corner,” Lorenzo said.

“You can make a mistake, like Dani [Pedrosa] did in Austin, but then you have to go there and accept your fault. When he [Iannone] got up off the ground he just told me, ‘Jorge, something happen with your engine, with your bike that was not normal how you brake, you brake much before.’ Instead of saying, ‘Jorge, sorry I made a mistake,’ he ask about my bike. So this is the worst thing.”

“There is always one rider that doesn’t understand the risks and that his actions can seriously injure the other riders,” Lorenzo added.

“And if Race Direction doesn’t give him a hard penalization, like they did with me in 2005, these kinds of riders don’t understand that they have to change their mentality. That’s why I think starting the race from last position is not enough, because in five to seven laps he will be positioned at the front again due to his pace.”

Iannone claims Lorenzo slowed unexpectedly

“I am very sorry for what happened with Lorenzo because I was doing a good race with the limited grip I had,” Iannone explained.

“As for the incident, I can only say that I could do nothing to avoid it: I braked at the same point as all the previous laps but he was very slow at that moment and unfortunately I made contact with him and we both crashed. It might seem that I came in too fast and that I wanted to pass him but that’s not the way it went and we got the confirmation of this by analyzing the telemetry data.”

Iannone was also hoping to clear the air with Lorenzo, saying: “For sure I go back to his motorhome another time, because is very important for me to talk to Jorge and for sure, him understand the situation.”

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